For the employer:

  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Customized training that aligns with advances in technology and company-specific needs
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Vehicle to recruit a more diverse, skilled and talented workforce
  • Program can be structured for new hires or current employees
  • Ability to offer job-related instruction at the company or in partnership with a local community college or technical school
  • Opportunities for tax credits and support through WIOA
The return for employers is $1.47 in increased productivity, reduced waste, and greater innovation.
Source: Department of Labor

For the apprentice:

  • Upon program completion, the apprentice will earn a DOL industry-recognized national credential
  • Attainment of in-demand skills and industry credentials without the burden of high tuition fees and student loan debt
  • Career advancement
  • Higher wages & increased earnings:
    • The ability to earn $300,000 more over their lifetime than their non-apprentice peers
    • Average starting wages for apprenticeship graduates is $50,000/year
Apprenticeships are a win-win with $27 in returns for every dollar taxpayers invest in apprenticeship programs.
Source: Department of Labor

For the community college/technical school:

  • Training the next generation of skilled workers in manufacturing
  • Ability to align curriculum with local employers needs
  • Ability to offer high quality training tied to industry credentials
  • Real-time feedback from local businesses on technology advances that may require changes in program curriculum
  • Opportunity to create pathways to degrees at your institution for apprentice graduates